Library Relocations

In both Perth and Brisbane Office Relocation Solutions have specialist teams dedicated to library moving. Headed up by one of our specialist project managers, we understand the intricacies of these moves and the important attention to detail they require.

Whether you are refurbishing your current premises or moving to new state of the art facilities, members of our library moving team have the experience and know-how to make it run like clockwork. Our specialist Samson Library carts allows us to efficiently handle any size relocation, with focus on accuracy while handling collections.

Because each library is unique and has its own specific requirements, we offer a comprehensive range of services including,

  •  Cataloging
  • Sequential packing and unpacking
  • Interfiling and integration
  • Dismantling/erection of library racking and shelving
  • Crate hire for books and equipment
  • Storage: Short and long-term storage solutions to fit your library project
  • To ensure your move goes to plan, our library consultants work very closely with,
  • Librarians
  • Curators
  • Designers, and
  • Project Managers

Understanding and planning the relocation around the needs of the librarian(s) is key. They know their library better than anyone else and we take great care in listening and learning from them and then tailoring our services to meet their exact needs. Our library consultants are trained in Dewey Decimal, Binary and Congress classification systems and have the required experience to ensure a smooth transition from inception to completion.

  • We will have initial preliminary discussions with key members of library staff, highlighting exact responsibilities. Our library moving team will familiarise themselves with the library and its structure.
  • Project meetings: During the planning stages it is inevitable that changes will occur that will affect the physical move. We provide a detailed move schedule that accounts for these changes along with appropriate contingency plans.
  • We work with you on all space planning and facility issues.
  • Integration: Most library moves involve some type of integration. Our library moving team are specialists in integration of library collections from storage and/or other locations. We devise a labelling and colour-coding system that’s adaptable to any type of collection moved.
  • Flexibility: Our library move team ensure they provide a professional, yet flexible service that gives you and your team required peace of mind.

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