Computer Relocations

Servicing Perth WA and Brisbane QLD areas

Computer Relocations

A dedicated move plan can be devised in conjunction with your own IT department. Our experienced staff can assist with the disconnection and reconnection of all desktop items and servers and also provide labelling and prepare an audit sheet to be kept with each unit ready to be moved.

 Computer Trolleys

Office Relocation Solutions’ provide special computer trolleys for the movement of computer equipment , used in conjunction with our padded monitor covers these ensure the safe transportation to the new site.

IT Crates

Office Relocation Solutions’ can also provide special computer crates for the removal of IT equipment. Anti-static bags keeps the keyboard, mouse and wires together whilst inside the crate and anti-static padded monitor covers protects the monitors & PC tower.

Each crate holds one PC and can be securely sealed for transit. All crates are clearly labeled with colour coded labels and position numbers for the appropriate workstation or desk area in the new premises.